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7 Ideas For a Fun and Festive Wedding Party

Make your guests more entertained at your wedding or party by providing them with an engaging placemat filled with puzzles, art projects and word games – they can take it home afterward and keep playing long after it has ended!

Performers will add an unforgettable touch to any event, be it ballerinas performing Sugar Plum Fairy ballet moves or fire breathers creating unforgettable experiences for your guests.

1. Decorate with Balloons

Balloons are an elegant way to add color and texture to any wedding celebration, creating the perfect atmosphere at receptions.

Adding balloon garlands to your dessert table makes an eye-catching display that is sure to look amazing in photos – plus, they make for a fun activity for guests!

Arrange helium-filled balloons to mark your aisle for your guests and create a spectacular entrance for them. Choose any color, style, and even add confetti for extra shimmer – just be sure to use biodegradable ones with tails that can be tied off or attached somewhere!

Flower girls and ring bearers may wish to carry balloon bouquets down the aisle instead of flowers or rings if you want an alternative look for your ceremony. Just be wary about pairing hardy greenery such as cacti with balloons as it may burst.

2. Serve Individual Desserts

Desserts will ensure your guests leave with happy memories of your event, while serving as an enjoyable way for them to get to know one another. Individual creme brulees are a classic choice and can be served topped with fruit or other treats, while pavlova cakes make light work of showpiece decoration with flowers, berries or other colors to match any wedding theme. Detailed custom cookies featuring your engagement photos, bridal shower theme or even the bride’s collection of teacups add an elegant edible element into the decor of your event.

Bring in a food truck for late night snacks or offer an ice cream bar as an extra sweet treat, complete with roving ice cream cart as a centerpiece and entertainment for your guests. Consider an adult version of beer pong, such as featuring rings designed after celebrity couples as play pieces in a ring toss game with more sophisticated rules and more fun features like adult version of beer pong!

3. Serve Familiar Foods

One great way to break the ice at your wedding is by serving familiar food to your guests – whether that means popcorn shrimp, seafood grazing table or even just eggs and waffles with coffee and mimosas for brunch events!

Create delicious wedding favors your guests will remember for years by roasting peanuts, pretzels and other favorite snacks with unique spices or herbs – these make delicious edible wedding favors that they’ll be delighted to take home with them!

Add something memorable and entertaining to your cocktail hour by setting up a traveling seafood station where guests can shuck oysters or lobster claws as they mingle. Flatbreads offer easy customization with toppings guests love. Or for something completely unexpected, add beer pong stations as something different!

4. Make Your Own Drinks

Wedding drinks play an integral role in setting the scene and contributing to the festivities, from toasting guests with specialty cocktails to raising glasses during toasts. There are many ways drinks can enhance your wedding celebration – make your wedding drink menu stand out!

Garnishing drinks with fresh herbs, edible flowers, or fruit slices can add an elegant touch that elevates even the simplest drinks. Or you could ask your bartender to create something creative using Kombucha tea which has numerous health benefits.

Make sure that guests who do not wish to consume alcohol have plenty of non-alcoholic options available to them, or set up a DIY drink station where guests can create their own cocktails or mocktails with juices, syrups and fruits provided. This activity can especially appeal to guests with children in attendance.

5. Set Up a Photo Booth

Photo booths are a fun and interactive way to add a sense of celebration at your event and encourage guests to express themselves creatively. Choose a backdrop that complements your wedding colors and theme, then offer props such as hats, glasses, signs or masks so that everyone feels at ease before their turn arrives. It may also be beneficial to place seating within or close by so your guests can relax before their turn arrives.

For an economical approach, disposable cameras may be placed on tables or given out to guests to capture images instantly printed out. You could also consider setting up a chalkboard with your name and wedding date written onto it so your guests can leave messages in memory of your big day – it will provide great memories later!

6. Have a Bouncy Slide

Festival weddings provide limitless entertainment possibilities: circus performers, fire breathers, stilt walkers and garden games can all add fun and variety. Additionally, you could hire DJ and bouncy castle rental services for an ultimate party atmosphere!

Alternatively, you could create your own DIY festivity with a glitter bar or temporary tattoo station – these activities will not only keep your guests entertained but will look fabulous in photos too! You can try finding more wedding ideas on this checklist.

Have a board game station at your wedding to break the ice between more introverted wedding guests. Stock it with quick-play multiplayer classics like Yahtzee or Uno, or get creative with something cheekier like an “wanging” station for your Britney-obsessed pals; see who can wang furthest for a prize – it makes for great photos too! Festival weddings allow you to take full advantage of entertainment possibilities; so go crazy when it comes to your entertainment plans!

7. Have a Photo Booth with Props

Photo booths are essential to any memorable wedding party, and should be placed somewhere that won’t become overly distracting or busy – such as near the dance floor, adjacent to reception area or outdoors in a tipi or tent.

Props encourage guests to get creative, making the photo booth even more exciting and festive. Select items that reflect your theme such as themed glasses and hats or paper cutouts of lips and animals.

Give your guests something to write on with chalkboard signs or whiteboards at your wedding, whether personalised with names and dates of newlyweds or left blank for writing messages to one another. Or create an eye-catching chalkboard backdrop – purchase or paint one yourself like this bride did by painting New York City motifs onto foam core.

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