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6 Tips for Setting Up a New Fish Tank

Setting up a fish tank could be quite a challenging affair, especially if you are an amateur. Even with the right skillset and years of experience, some of us might get it wrong. This is why it is important to have some wise counsel at our behest when we take up the sometimes daunting task of setting up a fish tank or an aquarium. If you have an interest in cultivating the hobby, you must go through the article to find some tips and tricks that can ensure that you are on the right route.

Cycle the Fish Tank:

Cycling your fish tank is the very first step that you must follow while setting up the tank. You need to simulate the underwater ecosystem in the fish tank, which is why it is essential that even before you buy your fish, your fish tank has all the necessary substrate and bacteria present in it. Fish thrive on those to grow and live the rest of their lives.

Analyse the pH of Your Water:

pH of Your Water

Getting fish to your aquarium is a big responsibility, and you must create the right habitat for them to survive. These creatures might have lived in a completely different pH level of water, and if you are not responsible enough to have them at the same level in your fish tank, you could be endangering their lives. Therefore, check the pH level of the water in the fish tank and see to it that it is suitable for your fish to survive.

Learn about the Varieties of Fish Available:

There are species of fish galore, and you must do your research well before you buy them. Not every type of fish can survive in a fish tank, and you must know which ones to buy so that you do not end up risking innocent lives. There is a myriad of resources available on the internet, and you can have access to them with just a click.

Do Not Add Too Many Fish in the Tank:

You do not want your fish tank to become overcrowded and boisterous. Add the fish slowly and steadily and refrain from the habit of adding too many fish in your tank. This can compromise with the health of the water and put the lives of the fish at risks. Keep the count to a minimum to provide them with a healthy life.

Change the Water At Least Once Every Two Weeks:

Change the Water

Allowing bacteria and substrate to grow and thrive in the aquarium does not mean that you must never change the water in the fish tank. Fish thrive on the nutrients and oxygen from water, and you must take utmost caution in preserving the quality of the water. Therefore, changing the water in the tank is imperative.

Do Not Over Feed Your Fish:

Yes, you love your little ones, but you do not have to overfeed them. Overfeeding fish does not do well with their health and can severely impair their body organs. Feed them thrice a day and only as much as required. They get the rest of their nutrients from the water, and you do not have to micromanage their diet.


Setting up fish tanks is not rocket science, but it sure requires the right skill set and practice to go about the process. Therefore, do not stress yourself out about setting up the tank. Follow these simple and easy steps to ace the process.

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