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Preparing Your Home for a Roof Installation

A new roof installation is a major undertaking. It requires thorough planning and preparation. Unfortunately, the services that Joliet roofing companies do not include house prep or clean up so you’ll have to do these yourself.

Experienced roofers will do their best to keep dust and noise to a minimum. But construction vibrations can shake mirrors, photos and other decorations off walls.

You should remove these items before the roofing crew begins. It’s also a good idea to cover patio furniture with tarps so that it doesn’t get caught in falling debris.

1. Clear the Attic

Roofing is a messy job that produces a lot of dust. While a professional roofer will do their best to minimize the amount of dust, you still need to clear the attic and move any items you want to keep until the roofing is complete.

If you have a lot of heirlooms or other valuable items, consider moving them to a safe location until the installation is done. If you have a lot of bulky items, you may also want to consider covering them with a tarp or plastic sheet so that they don’t get blown around during the roofing process.

You should also take care of any hanging decorations and pictures you have on your walls. During a roof replacement, the hammering and drilling of the contractor will generate a lot of vibrations that can cause these things to fall or break. If you have pictures or mirrors hanging on your upper floors, you should take them down during the process to prevent any damage.

You should also ensure that you don’t let kids or pets play in the work area while it’s being renovated. This is because they could get in the way of any falling debris and tools, or they could get hurt if they fall into the work area. Alternatively, you can relocate them to a friend’s or family member’s house so that they can remain comfortable during the renovation.

2. Remove Wall Hangings

Wall hangings are a fantastic way to add texture and style to your home. They can come in all shapes and sizes, with everything from a small, minimalist piece to a large and intricate tapestry. These are also a great way to decorate your home on a budget.

If you have any heirlooms or other valuable items in your home, it might be wise to move them to a safe location during the roofing process. This will protect them from dust and shingle debris, and it will also help ensure that they’re not accidentally smashed or damaged during the installation. It’s also a good idea to cover any items that are too heavy to move, such as patio furniture or grills, with a tarp or plastic sheeting. Lastly, make sure you take the time to clean your home properly after the installation is complete. This will keep the area clean and free from any hazards, such as stray nails or sharp objects that may cause harm to your family. The icing on the cake is that you’ll get to enjoy your new roof for years to come!

3. Move Furniture

Getting the best possible result from your roof replacement is going to require some careful planning. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make this a stress-free experience for you and your family.

The first thing you’ll want to do is consider what items will need to be moved, particularly heavy pieces of furniture. This includes couches, dining tables, entertainment centers and desks. The key to success is breaking down large, bulky items into smaller parts so they can be transported more easily and safely.

For example, you can break down a couch into individual sections like cushions, knobs and legs. Using these smaller components allows you to lift and move the entire piece without risking damage to your floors, carpets or other surfaces.

Depending on your needs, you may also need to rent or buy furniture dollies, which can help you move larger pieces more efficiently and easily. There are two main types: a four-wheeled square platform with a handle and a two-wheel hand truck. For a small price tag, you can get a tool that will protect your back and allow you to move your largest and most valuable pieces with ease. Remember to take notes and measure out any doorways or stairways you might have to traverse during the moving process.

4. Clear the Driveway

The driveway is an important part of preparing your home for a roof installation. It is where the roofing contractors will be accessing your house throughout the day, so it should be cleared as soon as possible. This will make the process faster and ensure that all the workers have access to their equipment.

Clear the driveway in stages: Start with the section closest to your house or garage and work your way toward the street. As you go, try to create a snow pocket on the opposite side of your driveway. This will help push the snow to the edge of the pavement and lessen the need for shoveling later on.

If there is still snow on the ground after you’ve cleared a section, wait until the storm ends before clearing the rest of the driveway. This will help minimize the amount of snow that plows have to clear as well as reduce your workload.

You should also take the time to mark any plants or shrubs that could be damaged by a heavy scoop of snow. Some plants can be expensive to replace, so it’s best to keep them out of harm’s way.

Finally, you should clear a 15-foot perimeter around your house to make sure that the roofers have enough room to walk safely. This will prevent the roofers from tripping on children’s toys or damaging your patio furniture.

It is also important to clear the driveway the night before the installation begins. This will help the roofers have easy access to their trucks and other vehicles. In addition, it will allow them to drop-off shingles and other roofing materials from the driveway before they begin their work.

5. Remove Pets

If you have pets, such as dogs or cats, they will be in danger if they run around the house while your roof is being replaced. This is because they can get in the way of falling debris or the tools of the trade, and could become injured. Fortunately, your pets can be sent to friends’ houses or kennels during the roof replacement. They’ll feel more comfortable and secure in a safe location. This will help prevent accidents and keep your loved ones safe.

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