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Embracing the Nostalgic 80s Fashion Trends of 2023

Whether they’re wearing it as a style statement or channeling their inner 80s superstar, oversized blazers are all the rage in 2023. Bold colored jackets in geometric prints are also trending, along with anything with a futuristic look.

Whether it’s streetwear or vintage fashion, the resurgence of nostalgia in design is a revolutionary one. Embracing the past allows brands to create something new and exciting for the future.

High Waisted Jeans

The 80s were a decade that lived by the slogan, “bigger is better.” That’s certainly true for fashion. From big prints to big hair, the trends of this era were meant to be noticed. Whether you were into neon blues or flowing mullets, there was an outfit to fit every style. Shoes were no exception. From lace-up sneakers to high-top Keds, this was a time when footwear was more than just functional. They were an expression of teen style.

When it comes to ’80s jeans, nothing was quite as recognizable as the high waisted variety. Also called mom jeans, these pants sat at the belly button or higher and were perfect with casual t-shirts and oversized knitwear.

Another must-have for anyone interested in embracing the 80s trend is a pair of patched jeans. Look for jeans with a mix of denim washes and patch sizes to get the DIY look of this era.

For those looking to add a bold touch to their outfit, a floral blazer or one with shoulder pads is sure to stand out. You can also accentuate your 80s-inspired outfit with a fanny pack, bandana, or even a pair of bright-colored rubber flip-flops.

Denim Vests

The ’80s were a decade that took itself less seriously than most. It was a time for bold fashion trends and fun accessories. In 2023, you’re likely to see some of these fashion staples re-appear with a modern twist.

Denim vests are a great addition to any wardrobe. They can be worn with jeans or skirts to add a pop of color and texture. They also come in a variety of washes, allowing you to choose a look that matches your personality and style.

A tight, fitted denim vest is perfect for pairing with a summer dress. It will create a flirty silhouette and can be accessorized with a wide belt for added definition around the waist. Alternatively, you can wear an oversized denim vest over a short skirt or maxi dress for a more rugged and edgy look.


What’s old is new again, and what was once considered racy or scandalous is now a staple of street style. From biker shorts to oversized sweaters, the 80s aesthetic is having its moment in fashion. Mix and match a few trends for an eclectic look that’s sure to turn heads.

Polka dots were a major trend of the decade. The bold print was often paired with punk rock influences like leather jackets and stacked jewelry. Whether you wear it as a skirt suit or prairie dress, this fun print is a great way to capture the spirit of the 80s.

Hip-hop culture was another big influence of the era, and rappers such as Run DMC, Salt-N-Pepa, and LL Cool J left their mark with fashion trends like fishnet shirts, boomboxes on the shoulder, and leather jackets. The era also saw sportswear become a major style trend, with leg warmers and leotards taking center stage.

The little black dress is a classic piece of any wardrobe, but it’s easy to give it an 80s twist by adding a blazer or jacket with shoulder pads. The iconic accessory was a symbol of female power during the 80s, and now you can channel that same feeling with your LBD. Just make sure to pair it with laid-back neural pieces for balance. This will prevent your look from becoming too over-the-top. For instance, you could pair it with skinny jeans or even sneakers to keep the look more casual.

Cropped Tops

Crop tops are a wardrobe staple that have made a comeback in modern times thanks to fashion icons like Elle Macpherson and Britney Spears. Sheer lace was also a major trend in the 80s, which was brought to the mainstream by popular singer Madonna as she donned frilly lace pieces on stage and in music videos. Moreover, the resurgence of the corset trend has also been noticeable in these new times.

A cropped top (also known as a belly shirt, half-shirt or midriff shirt) is a T-shirt that has been cut short enough to expose the waist, navel or some of the wearer’s belly button. They can be either fitted or oversized and may feature short sleeves, long sleeves, a hood or no sleeves at all.

These trendy shirts are perfect for pairing with high-waisted pants, skirts or shorts to create a look that is both casual and stylish. They can be found in stores and online, or you can even make one yourself by cutting off the bottom edge of a regular shirt.

Bold geometric prints were big in the ’80s, which can be seen again today on runways and in everyday looks. A great way to incorporate this fun style is by stacking large bangle bracelets on your wrist. This look is also perfect for complementing a leather jacket or oversized blazer, which are both on-trend in 2022.


A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment consisting of pants or skirts attached to straps that come over the shoulders and hook or button onto a piece that covers the chest. They’re a staple in the ’80s style book, thanks to iconic movie characters like Farrah Fawcett in her silky emerald green jumpsuit from Charlie’s Angels or Marty McFly in his red puffer vest in Back to the Future. These pieces can be a bit tricky to pull off today, but with the right styling, they can work for anyone.

The oversized jacket is another popular ’80s trend that is making its way back. Whether you’re channeling Joan Jett in her skin-tight, black leather ensemble or embracing the grunge-inspired style of LL Cool J, this look is perfect for anyone looking to add some swagger to their outfit. Pairing an oversized jacket with biker shorts and Heathers-style knee-high socks is one of our favorite ways to rock this look.

The ’80s were also a decade when athleticwear went from being a strictly gym-only clothing choice to a fashion statement. Spandex leggings, leg warmers, and leotards were all a-go in the era, influenced by Hollywood icons like Jane Fonda and Olivia Newton-John. These styles have since made their way into our wardrobes in the form of joggers and tracksuits, which can be worn with anything from a fitted tank to a denim blazer for an on-trend look that’ll keep you warm.

Leather Jackets

When it comes to fashion, there’s nothing quite as timeless as a leather jacket. It started out as military gear and soon became a staple for rebellious youth culture, popularized by stars such as the Fonz from Happy Days, rock bands like The Ramones and Duran Duran, and ’80s style icons including Joan Jett and Blondie. Even now, it remains an evergreen item in our wardrobes, and with good reason. It ages beautifully, with creases and patina that give it character and a story to tell.

Another fashion trend from the ’80s that is still going strong today is puff sleeves, which add drama to modern outfits while keeping things feminine and sleek. From ruched mini dresses to puff-sleeve iterations of classic blouses, this fun retro detail has been seen on the runway this season at Molly Goddard, Erdem, and Jaquemus, among others.

Bold colors and geometric patterns were big in the ’80s, and they are just as on-trend now as they were back then. Look for outerwear in bright colors or patterned with a bold, geometric print to instantly bring a little ’80s flair to your closet.

As for accessories, the chunky sneakers that were all the rage in the ’90s are also making a comeback, and they are just as cool now as they were back then. Pair them with a pair of jeans or a fitted dress to keep your look grounded and contemporary.

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